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Hunter Degree Course in English
Theory and shooting (3 days)

This is the course for those who wants to get a complete hunting diploma course including theory and shooting. After completing the course, you have the hunting certificate in your hand.

The course contains a general orientation section about game, nature and wildlife, and presentation of the whole theory part (fauna, ecology, weapons handling, weapons safety, tracking, etc.) as well as training with shotgun and rifle. The theoretical and practical elements of the course are conducted on Varpsund shooting range. All examinations are carried out on the Roslagens Jaktskytteklubb, North of Norrtälje.

Experienced, English speaking instructors are with you throughout the course, so there is plenty of room for discussion during the course. We have the practical training facilities to ourselves, which gives a lot of time on the shooting ranges without stress or unnecessary waiting.

Aim and objectives of the course

After completing the course, a candidate shall have:

  • Very good conditions to pass the Hunter Degree tests.

  • A broad general knowledge about wildlife, hunting and nature.

  • Basic knowledge and skills to act in a safe and responsible way when hunting. 

Course contents

The course includes general knowledge about game and nature, an examination of the whole theory part (fauna, ecology, weapons handling, weapons safety, tracking, etc.) as well as shoot training with shotgun and rifles. All presentations are in English!

Day 1: Theory day

• Review of the course

• Theory

Day 2: Practice day

• Range finding, safe gun handling

• Shooting shotgun at clay pigeons

• Shooting shotgun against ground (hare) targets

• Rifle precision shooting

• Shooting rifle class 1 in shooting cinema

Day 3: Examination day

• Theory test with  Interpreter

• Practical test

The following is included in the course fee (SEK 15 600,-)

  • Theory review

  • Shooting practice as well as the loan of weapons

  • Ammunition

  • Shooting ranges

  • Interpreter

The following is not included in the course fee

  • Meals

  • Examination fee to the Examiner, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency fee, theory -and practical test fees (a total of about SEK 2200:-payable with Swish on site).

Cancellation Policy

Registration is binding for the participant / company when confirmation of course participation has been sent from GHCS (Game & Hunting Club Scandinavia) Cancellation must be made in writing via email to If cancelled 4 - 2 weeks before the start of the course, 50% of the course fee will be charged. If cancelled 2 - 0 weeks before the start of the course, 100% of the course fee will be charged. In the event of inability to attend, the right to participate can be transferred to another participant after consultation with GHCS. 

GHCS has the right to cancel a course, if this happens, the paid course fee will be reimbursed. No other expenses or fees will be reimbursed. For any other aspect, the Swedish "lagen för distans och hemförsäljning" applies. 

Course Dates 2024: 
September 6-8

Documents for pre study (you must read and understand all the documents  to pass the theory test) will be send as soon as we have received your fee. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and if you like to attend the course send us a mail!

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